Athena Music and Leadership Camp


I'd love to sponsor a young lady to attend the camp. What should I do?

We would absolutely love your support so more young ladies can attend Athena. Click here for more information

I would prefer to mail my tuition payment. Can I do that?

Absolutely! Please make your check payable to Music Essentials and send to: Music Essentials, c/o Athena Camp, 410 Triple Creek Trail, Fayetteville, GA 30214. Your online account will be updated as soon as the payment is processed.

I've registered online and paid my deposit. What's next?
You will receive an email confirming receipt. About a month before camp, the Camp Welcome Packet will be emailed to the address listed on the application. This packet will include a sample schedule and packing list.

I owe a balance. How do I pay?
To pay online, please login to your Athena account and follow the prompts for payment.

Where will we stay? 
You will stay in a university dorm on the campus of the Athena Camp location. Specific information will be sent in the Welcome Packet.

How many campers are in each room? 
There are two campers per room. At the Atlanta location only, each room is connected to another dorm room via a small common area. The two rooms and the area make up the suite.

Can we request a roommate?
Yes! You may enter your roommate request on your online camp application. For the Atlanta location, if you know 3 people attending, you can request to be in a suite together!

I have a friend who recently decided to attend. Is it too late to request her as a roommate?
It's not too late! We will accept requests up to two weeks before camp begins. Simply email your request to

Where and what time is check in on Sunday afternoon?
Check in will be between 2:00pm and 3:30pm. Students who arrive early may have to wait. Please plan ahead.

When is the Camp Concert? What do I wear? Can parents and friends attend?
The Camp Concert will be Thursday at 1:00pm. Campers will wear the camp t-shirt (included in tuition) and jeans. Please invite your family and friends!

What do I bring to camp?
You will need all items associated with your instrument (reeds, valve oil, extra strings, etc.), comfortable clothing, walking shoes, and items for the dorm such as extra-long twin sheets, towels, etc. A detailed packing list will be in your Welcome Packet that will be emailed to you about a month before camp. Please remember that the Athena Camp does not provide instruments other than percussion. Percussionists will need to bring sticks and mallets.

Will I need money?
Camp payments includes all food, housing, performances, instruction, and clinics for the entire camp. Students are welcome to bring a small amount of money for souvenirs or snacks.

Can I bring snacks? Will there be a refrigerator or a microwave in my room?
You may bring snacks, but there is NOT a refrigerator nor a microwave available for use.

Can I bring my cell phone? 
Cell phones are allowed, but please remember to use it only at appropriate times. Campers will not be allowed to use cell phones in a rehearsal or seminar unless it for an educational reason (tuner, metronome, etc.). 

Can I bring my laptop or tablet?
We recommend that you leave laptops, tablets, and other expensive personal items at home. 

I still have a question. What do I do?
Contact us​